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Rhona Sacks, JD, MBA
Founder & President, Cashing Out Advisory Council™

An attorney and business coach (with an MBA in entrepreneurship), Ms. Sacks has helped entrepreneurs successfully navigate each phase of the business cycle—from start-up to growth to exit—for 20 years.

Ms. Sacks’ intensive work with business owners from a myriad of industries helped her to realize that the vast majority of entrepreneurs don’t have any cashing out plan at all because they are preoccupied with the many pressing operational concerns of running a business as well as being overwhelmed by the complexity of the cashing out process. As a result, the critical issues of optimizing and protecting business value when converting hard-earned equity into hard cash don’t get much attention.

Recognizing the unique and complex consultative needs of retiring business owners as well as the absence of a singular resource for retiring business owners to easily access essential professional advisory information and services to help them build, extract and preserve maximum value when selling their companies, Ms. Sacks created the Cashing Out Advisory Council™ (COAC™). The COAC™ is a portal to the collective wisdom of a multi-disciplinary network of dedicated cashing out professionals, and its mission is to offer exiting entrepreneurs insight into cashing out strategies and opportunities in order to capture and conserve optimum business value as well as to create more cash with which to expedite a company's sale.

Ms. Sacks is also the founder and president of Legal Life Settlements, a mergers and acquisitions advisory company specializing in helping retiring business owners extract maximum value from their hidden business assets. Legal Life Settlements is the only firm in the life settlement industry exclusively dedicated to serving the unique needs of exiting entrepreneurs.

Ms. Sacks’ article, Hidden Business Assets Get M&A Deals Done , explores a unique asset optimization technique for maximizing business value as well as generating more money with which to facilitate a company's sale.


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